Marju Karin


I graduated from the Tallinn Health Care College and work in the surgical department of the North Estonia Medical Centre and at the Red Cross.

I learned how to conduct beauty injection procedures at beauty clinics in London and with doctors in Moscow and St. Petersburg. I supplement my training in this field several times a year regarding new techniques and materials.

Is appearance important?

I think that appearance is important for both women and men. Here the ideal of classical beauty is less important than whether a person takes care of him or herself.  A cared-for appearance can often indicate a person’s social status and promote communications between people.

People age and often life destroys our dreams. Illnesses, stress, disappointments and, naturally, living habits can ravage our appearance. This does not mean that it is ideal to remain 18 forever. Everything can be done sensibly, naturally and age appropriately.

What do you think about altering one’s appearance and so-called “natural” beauty with the help of cosmetics, surgery and beauty services?

Going to the dentist is just as natural and that is not criticised. From a health standpoint, broken teeth are a significant risk factor, but constant stress that develops when a person is not satisfied with his or her appearance can be one as well. I never belittle anyone who tries to please themselves or others, within reason. We are always trying to make ourselves look better – with make-up, by hiding our faults with our clothing, etc.

Unfortunately, we cannot hide our wrinkles with make-up, and creams only help if we start taking care of our skin early, but their effect is also limited. So is the impact of beauty injections. It is often thought that beauty injections do not need to be started until nothing else will help. The reality is that by then it is usually too late and only surgical intervention will help. You should start with beauty injections when the first visible wrinkles appear, in order to maintain your youthful appearance and prevent the future development of wrinkles.

Are beauty treatment and beauty injections a taboo subject that should be kept secret?

As in any field of activity, there are patients that cannot set limits and have overdone the beauty injections or facelifts. This scares people and stereotypes develop. In Estonia, people have a reserved attitude toward these topics, as in the Nordic countries.  In company, one should act according to the situation – if it seems that people tend to criticise it, you should not promote it. However, if your companions are more understanding and have a wider perspective, this topic should not be a problem.

I use or am ready to use everything that I offer my clients. If I did not believe in my service, I would not dare to offer it to our Estonian women!

Marju Karin