Mesotherapy is a very effective and minimally invasive method for fighting against the ageing of facial skin, greasy skin and other aesthetic problems. In the case of mesotherapy, certain substances are introduced into the skin based on the patient’s skin and problems: amino acids, coenzymes, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, minerals or nucleic acids.  A qualified specialist knows how to mix the right combination of substances.

The prevention of facial skin ageing with the help of mesotherapy can already begin at the age of 35. Since the cocktail of active ingredients narrows the pores, refreshes the skin and adds colour to the complexion, one should consider using mesotherapy before an important event when you wish to look especially radiant.

Facial mesotherapy can help with the following problems:

  • Slackening of the skin and wrinkles
  • Problems with skin pigmentation and splotchy complexion
  • Enlarged pores and greasy skin
  • Couperose skin
  • Dark, slackened and swollen circles under the eyes
  • Slackening of the facial contours
  • Double chin
  • Recovery from plastic surgery
  • Increasing the effect of beauty injections


Facial mesotherapy prices

Facial mesotherapy
€ 60/€ 48*
Mesotherapy for face + hands
€ 75/€ 50
Personal mesoroller
€ 65

* Price for regular customer/price for loyal customer

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