aptosAPTOS threads

Aptos methods combine the advantages of plastic surgery and cosmetology – efficiency, safety, almost instant results and reliability.

Non-invasive lifting with Aptos threads is one of the most progressive methods in the field of aesthetic correction. The principle of non-invasive facial lifts lies in using special threads that are inserted under the skin with a specific technology – without using a scalpel. As the procedure is minimally invasive, such lifting does not leave scars and eliminates the need for a long recovery time that tends to be typical after operations.


Rejuvenation methods with Aptos threads were developed by the surgeon Marlen Sulamanidze more than 17 years ago in order to correct unwanted changes in the appearance of face and body. The authors of the method continuously perfected the technology so that in 2012 Aptos Excellence was created. This is an innovative product for the non-invasive lifting of face and body. Aptos Excellence threads are made of fully absorbable caprolactam.


Thanks to the procedure’s immediate effect comparable to a surgical face lift, minimum trauma and ease of use, Aptos threads have gained recognition from doctors across the world. Currently, Aptos threads are being used by doctors in 48 countries and the threads have received countless positive reviews.

The technology can be used for patients of different ages and different needs.

Areas for correction

On the face and body, the following areas can be corrected with the threads:

  • thighs;
  • lower jaw area, sagging cheeks;
  • cheeks and cheekbones;
  • jaw;
  • neck;


Micro punctures are made and the threads are inserted into soft tissues. This creates a kind of frame that will hold the problematic areas of the face and body in place. Thread-lifting is done at a depth of 3–5 mm at most to eliminate the risk of coming in contact with nerve endings and large vessels. With thread-lifting, you do not have to worry about the preservation of natural facial expressions since this lifting technology is as delicate as possible. Aptos methods have proven their effectiveness in the plastic correction of the soft tissues of the face and body. The rehabilitation period after lifting is short. Already after a couple of days the patient can return to their normal daily activities.

Aptos threads owe their recognition in professional circles and success among patients to their unique shape and equally unique composition. The micro barbs located on the threads keep them securely in place in the insertion areas, preventing relocation and movement in soft tissues.

Fast results

Using Aptos methods makes it possible to achieve excellent aesthetic results without a need for traditional surgical intervention. Initial results are visible on the same day. The final result appears 2–3 weeks after the procedure. The result obtained will be retained for 4–5 years on average, but can vary depending on the patient’s individual characteristics.

Contraindications for the Aptos non-invasive facial lift

  • Acute phases of chronic diseases
  • Use of blood-thinning preparations
  • Non-biodegradable injection preparations in the area where Aptos threads are to be inserted
  • Inflammation in the area where the procedure is to take place
  • Tendency to develop hypertrophic and keloid scars
  • Collagenoses
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Hypertension (critical)


In 2–3 weeks following the procedure, the patients are recommended to avoid active facial muscle contractions and visits to massage parlours, fitness clubs and saunas.